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(This photo was taken July 2019 – and it’s a funny selfie)


My name is Maeve. I’m a follower and a young soul living her best life glorifying the Lord every day. Currently taking a break from medical school to learn about God before devoting the rest of my life serving as a doctor.

Ever since the lockdown, I started writing about self-help, faith, and my journey in medicine. Self-help books had helped me get up on my knees and lead me to focus on my faith more.

I’ve learned that having faith in Something Greater than you is the Solution to every problem you are facing. And I can be a witness to that!

My life, myself, and family are not perfect – they will never be, but it’s okay. Before, I thought I knew what I wanted to be and to do in life. When, in reality, I was just going with the flow and letting society tell me what to do.

Eventually, I got lost and I thought I was completely helpless.

And then quarantine happened…

After reading some self-help books and supplementing them with God’s word, I realized that there are a lot of wrong things that I’ve been doing.

So, I took the time to experiment with my habits and make this lockdown into something productive. I’ve built new healthy habits then eliminated the nasty ones.

But to be honest, it wasn’t easy.

With this, I plan to write about how I decided to get off the comfort zone train, let Jesus take my wheel, and get on with life serving God. With all the mistakes turned into lessons. All the struggles that I overcame and will get through again because of Christ who gives me strength.

They say “laughter is the best medicine”

Ever since I was young(er), I wanted to see people happy and make them laugh because I always thought that I needed to do it.

Also, comedy is one of the best genres in life. Don’t you agree?

No? Okay.

But as much as I love comedy I believe it couldn’t be the only medicine (and no, I’m not pertaining to actual drugs or alternatives because it definitely can alleviate symptoms).

I am talking about Love, Faith, and Hope in Christ as the best medicine for our weaknesses.

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See you around, love!