My Blogging Experience: 5 Reasons Why I Started To Love Blogging


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I started to love blogging because it saved my life.

At first, I thought blogging was just a thing that people start when they want to record their life experiences or save their creative works for their memories.

Then I learned that blogging was just like journaling, but the difference is that these authors share their entries to the world wide web. Bloggers share what they learned, know, and feel to others through their art or writing.

My whole perspective in writing changed because I didn’t know that I could make a difference by just sharing what I’ve learned and by giving value to others.

How I started to love blogging

It was a sizzling hot weather inside my room during the last week of February 2020. I finished reading The More of Less, a book about minimalism, and decided to declutter my room!

Then my room became a new sunny utopia, where I can spend 16 hours living the best out of my life sipping iced coffee – except that it is now clutter-free.

I thought of writing my decluttering experience in one of my diaries. But there was a stronger force inside me saying, “What if you just blog about it?”

And so I did!

5 reasons I learned when I started to love blogging:

1. Writing about something that excites you makes you feel like you run the world. 

And who doesn’t want world domination? 

Kidding aside, writing your thoughts is more about telling your friend an awesome story without your friend interrupting you with side questions.

It is spilling out all your messy thoughts, emotions, and feelings into one organized and well-written blog post and sharing what that amazing thing is that changed your life.

You rule this world, hun!

2. You give value to people through your words that you thought no one would dare read. 

Imagine that there was a nice movie that resonated a lot with what you are experiencing right now. You wrote a review of the movie and shared the lessons that you learned.

Someone got to read your article and said that she also felt the same as you did. She thanked you for your review, and even shared some of what she experienced before. Then you would suddenly connect with this person as if she was a best friend who you thought you never needed.

It is that great sense of giving value to other people’s lives without even noticing that you did something good for them.

3. The blogging community is full of insightful and loving people who care about you and your stories.

Once there was a stranger who left a comment on my post and said nice words that made me confused about my life decisions.

Why is a stranger saying kind words to me? What do I owe her?

Until her comment was left only with a ‘like’ and no exchange of thoughts was done.

As a newbie blogger, I didn’t know that bloggers love to leave a comment on other bloggers’ articles! It’s a way for them to show that they support this blogger and they appreciate their work.

It boosts your spirits when somebody shows gratitude for what you have done. There is a sense of belongingness and acceptance in this community because everybody loves and appreciates everybody.

The blogging world is a place where most people are needed to be.

4. You consume other bloggers’ content and learn from their wisdom. 

All writers read.

After recognizing myself as a blogger and truly accepting that self-entitlement, I began to read other bloggers’ articles and leave them a nice and relevant comment.

Since I love reading other people’s stories, I get to learn from their perspectives and the skills that they have.

This is the art of reading. We get to experience what others have experienced, learn from what they have learned, and know there is more to life than our perspectives.

Not everything we know is true. That is why reading helps us to be less ignorant.

5. Blogging can make you smarter and more creative than ever. 

When you start a blog, you know you also have to read. A lot.

Reading unlocks the doors that are once left shut for new knowledge. Unlocking these doors will lead you to a new world of wisdom that you didn’t know that existed.

But knowing isn’t only what we need, applying this knowledge to our life is what makes our inner artist shine.

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power.

– Napoleon Hill


Why I started a blog on WordPress

Anyone can start a blog on any blogging platform available for free. is a free site and a great platform to start writing for hobby bloggers. Although, keep in mind that there is also, the paid version of WordPress, where you can self-host and start your own business (For comparison, see this article by WPbeginner).

I had a WordPress account that I didn’t use in 3 years just to save the URL I love ie, Four months ago, I finally wrote my first blog post.

There was this strange feeling of joy in starting something new that had me excited to publish that first post. Even if I knew that no one would probably care to read it.

It is never too late to start a blog.

Do you have questions that you would like to ask regarding how to start a blog? Leave them in the comments.

Thank you and stay safest.

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6 Replies to “My Blogging Experience: 5 Reasons Why I Started To Love Blogging”

  1. These are all true! As for me, I started blogging as a way to “get away” from the toxicities of my law studies. But later, I realized that you don’t actually escape — you deal with it through blogging. That’s why I fell in love with it. I know it’s different from professional writing and defense research, which is my current occupation, but there’s something about it that is fulfilling.

    1. I love your realization about blogging as a way of dealing with our troubles! Writing your thoughts is truly powerful.

  2. You’re a great blogger, Maeve! This was a good reflection about blogging! I had a blog on Tumblr way way back in 2010 but I wasn’t a regular because I didn’t have the resources to blog. But now, I’m back because a friend inspired me to do it again. It feels like a new life and I’m really loving the blogoverse as they call it here, because it’s not toxic unlike in social media. It’s like a new home in here. 😊

    1. Thank you for your nice words, Dona 🤪 You’re one of the bloggers I admire here too! Blogging is fun and all but having constant engagement with people in the comments is the best 🥰 I agree that blogoverse is healtheir than other social media sites. Haha!

      1. True talaga! So glad I found you here on WordPress! Keep it up po 🥰

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