A Year Without Negative Consequences


If you could take a year off with no negative consequences, what would you spend it doing?

For a minute of mindlessly scrolling through twitter, I saw this question from Mark Manson.

As a student who finished her secondary school and proceeded to medical education in just a blink of an eye (I’m exaggerating, it was 2 weeks after graduation), I haven’t really thought of doing anything other than studying.

Study until I get that precious MD displayed after my full name. Crazy.


I didn’t enjoy having a summer vacation before entering medical school. Well, I was anxious but I wasn’t alone. I had classmates who were also fresh graduates from other schools.

Point is I didn’t have any answer to Manson’s question.

What the heavens will I be doing for one year if I won’t be facing problems?

What are you going to do for one year?



Maybe if I have a year without any negative consequences, I will work on the book I wanted to write!

Maybe I can actually finish reading 1,000 books in one year and write all about what I learned from it!

Maybe I’ll interview a lot of successful people and sometimes hang out with them over dinner!

Maybe I would accomplish 50% of the tasks from my impossible list!

Maybe I’ll be able to learn Python and start freelance coding at home!

Maybe I’ll (finally) learn how to cook!

Maybe I’ll donate to charities after I earn some money!

Maybe I’ll sing live on Facebook! (dear Lord, I take it back)

Maybe I’ll attend seminars about different types of research!

Maybe I’ll meditate for 1 hour every day for one year too!

Maybe I’ll be able to answer all the doubters of Faith!

Maybe I’ll have that fresh looking abs! (Not that I want to, really…)

Maybe I’ll buy a violin and be a step closer to Ling Ling! #40Hours

Maybe I’ll start learning about Stand-Up Comedy!

Maybe I’ll be able to teach a skill on Skillshare!

Maybe I’ll draw what I feel every day!

Maybe I’ll spend more time with my family outside and enjoy!

Maybe I’ll catch-up with my friends over a cup of coffee!

Maybe I’ll rewrite the stars!

Whatever. Those are all just maybes.

And I sure listed a bunch of them.

What I would really want to be doing for one year is to have fun. Have fun in the good times, with the people I love, with the people that mean so much to me.

For one year, I would want to spend my time contributing to the lives of the people. The people who need a helping hand. The people who are tired of hatred and injustice.

I want to inspire others to live their best lives every day because we will never know when He’ll take us back.

As much as possible, I would want to let all the people know that there is a God who hears. A God who heals. A God who saves. A God who forgives. And a God who loves.

But I think it’s important to understand that the message Mark Manson wants to convey is to review your most wanted hobbies.

What is it that you wanted to start doing if you aren’t having any excuses? What is it you like to do that you won’t ever get tired of doing?

How will you spend your year that has no negative consequences?


4 Replies to “A Year Without Negative Consequences”

  1. This really got me thinking since I am planning to resign from my government work and focus on my remaining years as a senior law student. With or without negative consequences, I would love to finish all my law school reading backlogs and get ready for the bar. And probably marry my one and only. Lol.

    1. That’s really nice to hear, Tina! I paraphrase Mark Twain as he says as long as you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’ll be praying for your resignation, upcoming exam, and married life πŸ™πŸ½πŸ₯° I’m excited and happy for you!

      1. Thank you! And I pray that you achieve all the “maybes” you said in this post. As how I see it, you are a true blue daughter of God with good intentions, dear Maeve. Hence, you deserve to be blessed by the Almighty with all your heart’s desires.

      2. This means a lot to me! Thank you so much! I have yet to learn a lot about life as it has so much to offer. I’m also blessed to have met you here, Tina ☺️

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