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Politics. Religion. Equality. Human Rights. These are topics that are highly sensitive but are important and respected in their own positions. Tons of debates are always present online.

Opinions over opinions. Wanting to let the other side accept what you believe to be true. The other side wanting to stay grounded with its own beliefs.

Debates that no one will ever win because both sides have a strong support of its own. Is this really necessary? to change other people’s beliefs?

Between Two Extremes

I’ve spent a lot of time observing my peers debate about politics. I’ve seen passionate people who are fighting for rights, online or offline. Does it really change anything?

I have nothing against the people who are brave to stand for what they fight for. I have nothing against people who are neutral. For I, myself, am standing between two extremes.

People believe if you are neutral then you are technically standing alongside the oppressors. I want to believe that it’s not always the case or at least, never.

Believe Whatever

It still boils down to people having different beliefs. I believe I am living for one purpose only and that is to do my passions by offering what I have.

I am afraid to admit that I barely care about the politicians in our country. I admit that I tolerate it. I accept what’s happening not because I like it but because I don’t have anything that I could do about it.

I don’t really want to know more about the government and how they run the country. What I value is life in general and the thing I can do for my life and for the people I love.

I feel Lost

I have a lot to learn but I don’t want to spend so much of my time searching about it because I don’t value it that much. Is this being selfish? Is being ignorant the same as having no empathy? (Edit: yes and yes)

I do pray for everyone because that’s what I can only do for them. I do love life and I aim to save or even preserve a life someday. But being too invested in other people’s lives, I think, is not necessary. I know there will be lots of different thoughts and opinions about this.

This is for all the people who are neutral and are afraid to vent it out. Do you care?

Warm wishes,

PS please know that I accept every criticism. I accept what I believe may not always reflect other people’s beliefs. I do not intend to change other people’s minds. I give you my peace.

Edited July 1, 2020: I already changed my views about not voicing out. Although, this blog is unforgettable too. Huge thanks to my friend who pointed out my mistakes! I learned a lot.


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