Are You Enough?


Everything we know is subjective.

Am I enough?

If you ask yourself this, I can answer it for you and here’s how I’d answer: …actually it is only you who can answer that question. I’m sorry but I really can’t judge you for who you are.

If you believe that you are not enough; it means that you want to believe that you are not worth it. You are not feeling happy because you accepted that you are not enough and you left it that way — for a long time now. You are continuously telling yourself that you can’t change because that is who you are from the very start.

“Always never enough.” It is easier to believe in that statement rather than doing something that will change your beliefs and eventually yourself. It is because you, yourself, really don’t want to change in the first place.

However, if you accept that you are not enough and actually change your views and do something that will make you say to yourself “at last I am happy” then from there you can live your days feeling happy. I know I made it sound easy but there’s no harm in trying and actually doing yourself a favor. Love yourself, man.

It’s only you who can tell how you are enough and if you’ve done your part.

If you:

  • re-discover what you value in life
  • are not focusing on tangible things/status/fame that you want to achieve while living and on things that you think will make you happy
  • are living your life with full of purpose and you are doing it because you love it and it is meaningful
  • are grateful and content with yourself and your life
  • find value in the things you have right now
  • are not worrying about your past or focusing too much on your future
  • are living your best now and contributing your skills or passions to other people
  • are not wasting time looking at other people and worrying about what they might think of you
  • love the world

then I think you can finally feel that you are truly happy. That you are enough and that you are loved. Great things come to those who believe.

If you don’t believe in God then just believe in yourself. Have faith in you (and God will do the rest even if you don’t like it).

3 Quotes I recently noted:

If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be anything more than who you are now. — Alex MarzBar

You choose the future with your actions each day. — James Clear

Money, fame, and success exist on the other side of that line in the realm of external indifferents: nice to have, but outside of our jurisdiction. They may be rewarding by-products, but they will never prove gratifying if they are chased directly. — From Happy by Derren Brown

Have a great and productive week!

Warm wishes,

PS This was inspired from my meditation reflection on 04/04/2020


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