Blogging after 7 months in this pandemic


When I use my phone for digital journaling, it feels like I just want to visit random sites or watch my favorite Kpop groups.

But now I really would want to get out of my slump and get back to writing again.

So, my last article was around 7 months ago.

What have I been doing, you ask?

Well. You know. All sorts of things.

What I did the past months

I have enjoyed my life up to now. Because I joined a discipleship group and focused on knowing Jesus more every day. By God’s grace, I’ve gained a lot of wisdom from my daily devotions, Bible reading, and attending services at CCF online.

I somehow stopped writing and vlogging. But I continued to edit mini video clips whenever I go out with my friends. That was because I still plan to vlog in the future. I think…

God gave me these good 7 months to develop an intimate relationship with Him.

What changed?

I learned to appreciate life, my family, and my friends more during this pandemic. God had let me realize the importance of time and the act of surrendering.

Surrender is something I thought was only a weak person’s option.

Although, we are all only human.

And only God can give us strength. I also believe that for those who love God all things work together for good. Romans 8:28

During this time as well, I continued praying for God to reveal the things that He would want me to do in life.

Because to be honest, I didn’t know what to do next. I have no job, no money for school, and we were still struggling financially, mentally, and emotionally as a family.

There was a time when I thought we’d leave our hometown for good because we were going to sell our house — just to pay for all of our debts and loans.

However, God is always good!

God didn’t leave us

God made a way for my father to work as a teacher. So this helped us pay for our bills and it was also enough for our everyday meals.

My mother met a good person to whom we can loan from. One by one, our bank loans were being paid for because of this.

God answered my prayer about being accepted to this workplace I’ve applied for. I waited for 3 months, but during that waiting time… I completely trusted His plans for me. Even if I was uncertain of my future, He always made it possible for things to work out.

God also helped me to reach out to my friends who are struggling emotionally and mentally. He gave me a chance to pray for my friends and family. I learned the power of praying for others with the help of the Holy Spirit.

What I’m doing now

I’m now working as a non-voice email support for a good company. And I enjoy my work even if this was not within the scope of my college degree.

The day I got my first pay was a glorious day for the Lord. I was so joyful because I now have the chance to give back to the Lord, to my family, and friends.

This isn’t much, but I’m more than content in everything that He has given me. I trust in His plans more than my plans. So I always pray for His will to be done and not mine.

Though I still pray that He’d make it possible for me to continue medical school if that is what He wants for me too.

In the end, these material things and eternal blessings are from Him. Even my achievements, past struggles, and growth.

All glory is always His alone.

God comforts us

I feel like this blog has been all over the place. Don’t know if anything is making sense. But I’m now writing to everyone who would come across this post.

Hope that you are hanging in there.

And I would like to tell you that you are never alone in this journey.

You can always run to Him.

If you aren’t a believer now, I believe in my heart that God loves you even if you don’t know Him yet. He’s just waiting for you to search for Him. Cry to Him. And He’ll be able to give you comfort that no one and nothing else in this world could give. Philippians 4:7

With all that being said, I just want to ask if there’s any way I could pray for you?

Thanks so much for giving this post some of your time.

Be safe!

I also started a new blog focused on faith and my life. But yeah, still struggling to let go of my laziness from time to time. Still don’t know what to do with this site as well, if I’m going to discontinue this blog and use my WordPress site instead…

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  1. Glad to see you posting again here! This is such a timely post for me. I really love how you’ve come to appreciate the act of surrendering as I’ve been in that struggle too not too long ago! I would also like to tell and remind you that you are not alone in this journey! 🤍 It helped me today, so thank you so much. ✨

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