Brain dump of my reflections in life

It has been a decade since I started journaling, or what I’d like to call my diary. I still keep my physical journals inside one small box and hide it inside my cabinet.

In 2015, I started a private blog on Tumblr. In there, I write about my breakdowns. Critical stories and events that happened in my life so far that I would not want anybody to read about. Looking back, I realized how bad life was for me.

But I’m grateful for all that had happened. If it weren’t for those life-threatening challenges, I wouldn’t be here writing publicly. I wouldn’t grow. There’s a rainbow always after the rain, they say.

Events, things, or people that do not contribute to my wellness will always be there. But I know this, too, shall pass. It is there but it will not define who I am now, rather it will definitely help me learn and grow.

Here, you’ll witness how I’m facing life’s ups, twists, and turns. I’ll also be adding the lessons I’ve learned, things I wish I knew in growing up, and all the people who resonate with me.