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Hey! I’m Maeve, a 2nd year Filipino medical student. I’ve been into writing about my life since I was still in elementary, but this is the first time I’m going to try and blog. I don’t have any idea how blogging works but I have this domain for a long time already. I’m gonna share just a “short” background about me and why I want to share my life.

Again, my name is Maeve Alejandro. I am currently studying medicine in a medical university here in Las Pinas. Before medicine, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry at a university in Manila. My undergrad program and previous university helped me in achieving some short-term goals I’m grateful for.

I’m really into Kpop and watching Kdramas since I was in 6th grade. Half of my living existence has been dedicated on supporting the rise of Korean wave here in the Philippines. There was a silly thought that becoming one of my idols’ staffs would be the greatest achievement ever! Pardon me, I was a kid. However, loving their culture and music also gave a great influence to my attitude now. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons through watching their dramas and I’ve been wanting to stress this out to everyone, Kdramas are well-written and their impact to the society is stan-worthy. One kdrama even influenced me from wanting to become a good doctor!!!


It’s a cliché reason and that is: becoming a life preserver has been my greatest childhood dream and I thought doctors were awesome. (I still believe that until now, at least)

You know how grown ups ask you what you want to become when you grow up? I’ve been asked the same question by my mom when I was as clueless as a baby. I remember answering, “I want to be a doctor so I could treat you,” with a cute little Maeve voice. It’s not that my mom had a chronic/terminal illness but I simply just wanted to help a lot of people. When I was studying until high school, the only sure thing I knew is that I don’t have any freaking idea of what my future would look like!

I’ve forgotten all the good reasons why I’m studying until 4th year high school. My friends from the 2nd yr asked if I wanted to go with them and review for an actual college entrance exam. I went with the flow. I excelled in my last year in high school because I got the study habits and strong motivation to pass the college entrance exam. In that same year, I had applied to two college universities and got reminded of what I really wanted to become in the future.

I got into a university and thank God I survived 4 hell years in college. I’ve met different people, different families, different attitudes, with the same goal i.e. to graduate and become successful in life. I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made. They have been a great support system and I would not have survived college without them!!

FF to when I finished college, I’ve applied to 3 medical schools. I got denied from my dream med school (I’m okay, really *sobs*); got accepted at one but their location is far from my hometown; and eventually I also got accepted to what my Alma mater is now. I did great in my first medical year and even got a grade accepted to be one of the dean’s list. The downside is the ‘great’ I did from first year is inversely proportional to what my output has become this second year… and that is for another blog. [very soon!]


for aspiring medical doctors: you MUST know and always remember your greatest WHY. A doctor who interviewed me as a requirement for the entrance in my current school asked me: “Why do you want to become a doctor?” I’ve answered, “It has been my childhood dream and I also want to help other people in need.” Then she said, “that’s it?” I’ve never been intimidated in my whole life but that doctor really HIT my ego (lol but I admire her great teaching!).

What she said next also made me realize that becoming a doctor is not a joke. You know it! Big money will be spent, time with family and friends will decrease, great focus and efforts are extremely essential, and there must be a 100-ft-deep reason in pursuing this field. If you are willing to attain that delayed gratification and learn for the rest of your life, then buckle up!!! because it will be exciting, meaningful, and of course stressful.

Here’s to more med blogs to come and thank you if you have reached until here. I’m really enjoying it and I hope I continue this until I get that MD! Please feel free to email me if you have any inquiries about med or if you want some connections in the future 😉

Fangirl MD

PS the LQ snapshot using my laptop’s webcam was taken during 1st-year medical school with my friends: Mikee, Faye, Norlly, Arianne, Samuel, Carlos, Gayle, Dave, Chibs!

[Edited: 8 May 2020] I had changed my domain from fangirlmd comical medic so in my first my posts I had a footnote “Sincerely, fangirl MD” though, I think I’ll leave it as it is.


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  1. I enjoy your writings/works here. Being a medicine student could be a lot of toxicities and hard work, and I know pretty well because I’m a nurse who ventured into law school. Hence, like you, I eat stressors and deadlines for breakfast. Your blog is a validation on my part, i.e., no matter how busy you may be, it is always nice to have a creative outlet and build a community with like-minded people in cyberspace. That is exactly why I started my two blogs — my devotional and christian life/personal blog and my law school blog.

    May you and your family be safe and well during our Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. I’ll be joining you in praying for our loved ones, fellow Filipinos, and all people throughout the world, Maeve! God bless!

    1. Hello Tina,

      I’m glad you enjoy it and thank you so much for your kind words. Also, I’m curious about how you decided to go to law school after serving as a nurse.

      It is true that opening a blog has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I, too, pray for you and your loved ones.
      God bless you Atty. Siuagan!

      1. Thank you, Doc Maeve! Actually, I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer. I just had to grant my parents’ wishes so I took up nursing and became a RN. But no regrets at all. I may have been delayed in reaching my lawyer dream, I can pretty much say that I’ve learned a lot about life and society from being a nurse. By becoming a nurse, I was honed to think critically and emphatically of others.

      2. Hi Atty.,
        That’s very nice to hear that you’re already following your dreams! I’m glad to know you had no regrets about delaying it. I commend you for your courage and strong will. May God bless you more and more. Cheers!

  2. Awww! I love this article! I’ll do my best to always remember my ‘greatest why’ in life 😉 Keep writing, Maeve! (im a big fan HUHU)

  3. Yaaaay! I’ll be looking forward to your updates. I’ve been looking for Filipino bloggers that I can follow and by far, you are the only one that I’ve come across.

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