Message to the Past Me


Hello is this thing on? OH HEY. Glad you’re here. This is you from the future. If you’re hearing this, you’re probably 12 years old now and your phone just finished sending a group text message to your “clan mates.”

You will enjoy sending group messages even if you don’t know them all. Stop it. You’re wasting time and money from buying load every day. They don’t care about how your day went or what you ate for lunch. Go out of your room and talk to your parents, tell them you love them.

There will come a time that you’ll be introduced to the world of Kdramas and Korean pop culture, embrace it but don’t let it eat you up. Sleep early, wake up early, and do your homework. Being an idol staff is not the best thing in the world. Go sing and dance like nobody’s watching!

Close your computer screen rather than wasting your time searching for cheat codes on FarmVille, Pet Society, and Restaurant City. Play outside with your cousin who’s visiting you every weekend. Talk about how you imagine yourselves when you grow up and what things you’d want to do before you die.

Please don’t send messages to random people on Facebook. They won’t reply even if you know them. Don’t add everyone you’re familiar with, most probably they don’t even know or remember who you are. Better to just delete your Facebook account and have a life, will you?

You have your little baby nephew in the house, do not get mad whenever he plays too much. He’s still a baby, play with him and don’t let him cry! Sing him nursery rhymes and talk to him like he understands. Take lots of pictures and videos of him. He will be your best friend when he turns 10.

While you’re still young, you must eat more fruits and vegetables than meat and candies. Exercise at least 15 min. after waking up. And please, please — drink water. Being “bloated” before finishing your food isn’t bad, drink water even when you’re eating. Drink water in the morning, during school, after arriving home, before going to bed. Your body NEEDS it!

In the future, someone will confess that he likes you and you will like him too. Tell him that you appreciate him and you feel the same way. He’s older but he’s a nice guy! You’ll leave that school after a year anyway. You’ll miss your friends there but you’re going to be a great friend to all of them. They will even call you ‘master’ because you buy them food from your excess money.

As someone who is 10 years older I just want to let you know that nobody, not even your friends, will really care about how you look, act, or live your life. Just enjoy every bits of it. I tell you that the saying ‘Life is short,’ is very very true.

The society just tells you what “should” and “should not” be done, but you already know what the goods and the bad are. You know that you must know, do, and be good. Everything is not a competition. Don’t judge other people. Don’t gossip. It will not bring you anything good in life. Not a thing.

Find your passions and really learn from that class called ‘Good Moral and Right Conduct.’ Write everything in your diary and don’t worry if your mom finds it. Sing, dance, play, learn an instrument, draw, paint, cook, clean, and learn some more. Be happy and grateful for everything you have. And no, material things or even having a boyfriend won’t give you that genuine happiness.

If there is only one thing that I’ll be able to tell you now, that is you must read a lot. Read even if you don’t like it. Read the New Testament of the bible and resonate with it well. Read even if you’re bored. Read about space, cooking, sewing, maths, philosophy, science, sleep, skills, business, history, geography, Harry Potter, and read some more. THAT will help you to be better. It will enhance your vocabulary. Heck, you gonna love and thank yourself later.

Anything else is temporary but what you know will be there in your long-term memory. Take care of your brain. You’ll need it very much. You’re going to want to become a doctor someday. You’ll think that surgeons are cool and everything. They still are, but you’ll realize that there are more great doctors out there.

And hey, accept that not everyone will become your friend. Friends do come and eventually go. What you can do is be the best friend now. Leave them with amazing memories of you. Talk about exciting things and when they start to talk about other people, go ahead and leave. It’s getting late, you don’t need to stay just to hear other peoples’ lives okay?

Lastly, you’re going to be worried about almost everything. A lot. Brush it off. It will pass and God knows what you need, He will bring it to you. You just have to have faith in Him and most importantly in you.

22-year-old Maeve

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