4 Blogs That Helped Me From Holding Back


Googling and reading articles about blogging has been one of the habits I developed over the past month. I appreciate the wonderful tips and personal experiences about blogging shared by other bloggers all around the web!

Although, after reading a lot of information about it, I can’t help but be overwhelmed. Because to be honest, I only started blogging as a hobby. What changed my mind about seeing blogging as a hobby were the lessons from other awesome bloggers.

They keep on telling how one could earn money by blogging and I just can’t believe what they were trying to say. One article even suggested to stop blogging and start freelance writing.

I won’t get into that but it did give me an idea about what I can do with my “hobby.”

What I am Now

Being a medical student, a young soul without any source of income, a family member who haven’t done any for my family – I realized I don’t want to be a burden any longer. It changed my view to what my life is now.

Now, I wanted to earn my own money. I wanted to pay for my own tuition. I want my family to forget about my finances because we still have loads of loans to pay.

In other words, those articles, the internet, and my laptop helped me realize the things I can actually do to earn money by myself. By doing what I love. With the comfort of my home. During this pandemic.


it’s already been three days since my previous blog post. I couldn’t think of a niche. The bloggers were talking about a niche but there’s a lot I wanted to blog about, why should I focus on one niche.

I totally lost it.

I’ve been asking God about what I’m planning to do, over and over. I told Him, can I really do this? Isn’t this too much of a risk? I don’t even have any money to buy my own domain, or get self-hosted, and now — affiliate whatthere were too much information.

I said I’ll Just Do It

Here is one thought I’ve been thinking. What the h#ck, I’ll just do it! One day, I’ll just buy that domain. Then I’ll start from the same step 1 all the people has been blogging about. And continue from there.

I thought it would be nice to find a blogging mentor for free but who am I kidding, nothing is for free so I’ll just do it.

My Possible Niche(s)

I have found a niche that I really love and don’t mind writing about every single day. My general niche is going to be minimalism. This blog will be mainly about inspiring people to live happily and how people could benefit from being a minimalist.

Also since I am a medical student, I didn’t want to waste this opportunity to inspire other students to study smart and guide aspiring doctors through their journey to medicine. I’ll be posting study tips and resources.

I’ll occasionally be posting about productivity even if there are loads of posts about it around the world already. No one will be able to stop me from being a productivity guru wannabe. 🙂

My domain will remain as comical medic because this is the wittiest name I could hardly think of. Not to brag but – comedy is actually my middle name.

And yes, I am kidding – I know I suck at comedy! I’m just gonna say that it’s okay and I grant you the permission to criticize me, softly. Thank you.

What’s in it for you?

You might be thinking what a waste of time this must be, why did you even click the post in the first place… But now that you’re here, I’d like to thank you! You are one of the people who are witnessing my journey into touching people’s lives through my writing.

I know I still have lots to experience, lots to learn, and lots of failures to get through. However, this is something special to me and I’m glad you are here – reading all these personal things I’m experiencing.

Yeah, you’re right! I decided to blog my way through this pandemic. I wanted to let everyone know that there is hope, that life is wonderful, and that you are beautiful!

The Things Holding Me Back

Have you heard of lack of self confidence? Impostor syndrome? And another famous thing I fear the most is the presence of: failure. I didn’t want to waste money then just fail miserably. I wanted to pay that debt back as soon as possible.

I have 0 balance for crying out loud

But again, if this post had already been uploaded and you are witnessing this declaration, then I have no other choice but to stop this talking and see you guys again later.

Am I going to succeed?

Nothing is certain but if your answer is yes then you are awesome!

Thank you for believing in me and I won’t let you down.

4 Blogs That Helped Me

  1. The Art of Blogging – Fave line: punch those damn keys. This is my #1 go to site for blogging tips and inspiration. I had already tried their free course and I learned a lot from it. I think it’s really nice of them to give it for free although they also have blogging camps. I’m sure there are more lessons to take note from that! You can check it from their collections.
  2. Breaking The One Percent – one word: generous! I stumbled upon them when I was searching anxiously about do people earn money by blogging on google. I’m glad I’ve seen their site. They are really inspirational and they keep you winning against your own doubts. Amen, brothers.
  3. Coach Your Tribe – This is very beginner friendly. I’ve been sending this site to my friends as well. It’s my favorite how-to-start-a-blog blog post.
  4. College Info Geek – If you guys know Thomas Frank on YouTube, he’s him. This was one of the first how to’s I had read and it’s very useful! There is also a coupon for web hosting (Hostgator) if you guys haven’t self-hosted already like me.

Thank you for reading until here. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you. If you guys are curious about my journey and would want to support me – don’t forget to follow the blog 😉

Best prayers,


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  1. LOVE THIS ARTICLE :(( And yes, you’re totally going to succeed in life! *u* (pls dont ever stop writing huhu)

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