What I’m Doing Now


I’m in Las Piñas, Metro Manila, currently taking a break from medical school and focusing more on my spiritual growth. Here is how I’m spending most of my time:

  • Being a supportive friend and family member
  • Preparing to create a study guide for medical students
  • Challenging myself to post 2 blogs and 2 vlogs per week
  • Working on how to build a YouTube audience
  • Planning to build an online business
  • Looking for freelance writing opportunities
  • Writing/blogging
  • Reading books

These are my main priorities right now.

I am open to considering projects, especially in freelance writing and collaborations. Although I still have a lot to learn and practice. In the future, I would like to do lots of impossible things! You can see those awesome things here.

If you’d like to contact me or have a cup of coffee with me, tweet me or send an email through my contact page.

Let’s fight resistance together and get shoot done.

Updated last on August 31, 2020