Personally, I thought being productive is getting a lot of things done in a day. I feel productive whenever I study and not waste time. Well I wasn’t completely wrong. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, defines productivity as getting important things done consistently. And no matter how many things we write on our to-do lists, there are only a few things that are truly important.

I tried having at least one important task each day. Although the ‘tasks list’ is still an important part of my life. To tell you the truth, I have at least 4 tools I use in keeping track of my tasks. Before getting to the articles, I’ll share an itsy-bitsy part of my everyday life.

Morning Routine

This is a necessity. Thank God I learned to love mornings! While I was experimenting with my habits, I tried my best to develop a morning routine. Now I wake up every 6:00 AM, journal my dream, meditate (15 min.), drink coffee, read the bible, brush my teeth, take a shower, read a book, learn in Duolingo, and journal (planning my day and reviewing my productivity system).

A lot of successful people keep on preaching that to be able to jumpstart your productivity, you must have a morning routine that you follow religiously. And so I did. I’ve never been more productive all my life, even if some days I still procrastinate by watching 1-2 vids on YouTube (I’m a fan of TwoSetViolin on YT #LingLing40Hours).

My Morning Journal and Tasks List Tools

I have two journals: a notebook and a digital journal. I’ve already mentioned Day One as my favorite digital journal in 10 Ways To Find Joy In Life. My #dreams are type-written in Day One because typing has less friction for jotting down my memories. After meditating, I reflect on my life and type it in Day One too. It’s also the initial platform I use to list my tasks for the day.

Next, I use my notebook to list one thing of the following: Highlight of the day, something I’m grateful for, and something I must let go of. Highlight aka my most important task of the day. Then I list down all other mini-tasks I do each day. Those include: my habits, low-energy tasks, and things that pop-up in my mind that I know I can do in some other days.

It’s okay if I haven’t done all the other tasks that I listed as long as I do the most important task each day. With that, I’ll feel productive and I can conclude that I’ve done my day’s work. I’m totally fine with that.

Other Tasks List Tools

I’m planning on writing about this in another article but it’s not going to hurt if I already mention it here. Right! It’s nothing important… just papers and apps. I use yellow paper and another notebook (don’t worry, the good thing is – I’m using the notebooks I didn’t finish in school)

Since I have lots of paper… I use them when they are in close proximity and my phone or laptop is nowhere to be seen. Another notebook I use is for my ideas, plans, and things I would want to share with my friends.

I use my phone’s Note app too if I have my phone with me. I key in my ideas, thoughts, to-do lists, and important accounts there. Then I transfer them to my most favorite note-taking app, Notion. Notion is another blog-worthy topic and I can’t cover its usefulness here. So I’ll just leave you with this notion overview by Khe Hy of radreads.

Enough of that. Below, you’ll see the articles I’ve written under productivity by category: skills, order vs chaos, and focus. I hope you find it useful! 🙂


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