Hi! My name is Maeve.

Who I am

✍🏻 Writer

…and a productivity guru wannabe.

👩‍🔬 Biochemist

I studied Biochemistry at the University of Santo Tomas from 2014-2018.

👩‍⚕️ Medical student in the Philippines

I’m an incoming 3rd year at the JONELTA Foundation School of Medicine. However, I decided to take a year off medical school.


📚 Productivity

Self-help, nonfiction, and personal development books are on top of my library. But I do read about fantasy and fiction novels some other times.

🎍 Minimalism

The fulfillment in the values you have in life. I’m new to this lifestyle and I look forward to learning and writing more about it.

💻 Research

The framework of learning. /Insert ano-bang-napapala-niyo-sa-riserts? meme/

🎻 Classical Music

I love how emotions overflow from the pieces to my bloodstream. Listening to Classical music has been such an honor 🙂


📺 KR pop music and dramas

AKA my childhood career. FT Island was the first KR band I had followed in 2010. My favorite KR drama is Dear My Friends! A must watch with family.

☕ Social activities

Coffee and dinner dates with the people I cherish. And yes, I would love to have a coffee with you.

📽️ Video editing

New hobby I’m working on along with singing. I’m practicing for future events and if you’d want someone to sing for you then… I’ll be happy to recommend someone else.

🧗‍♀️ My Impossible List

Reevaluating my life goals one step at a time. Check it out here! And no, it’s not a bucket list.

If you are still wondering who in heavens I am and why am I even here, I created a <guide> for you to read. I also talked about my greatest why in becoming a doctor.

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This is my first video edit ever. Honestly, I felt productive after all that I’ve done for that vlog! 🤣

Habits that reinforce your desired identity are usually good. Habits that conflict with your desired identity are usually bad.

Atomic Habits: Tiny changes, Remarkable results
– James Clear

On a serious note, I prepared professional statements for the site…


Comical Medic aims to influence everyone to live a meaningful life by living more with less, to guide aspiring medical doctors – millennial or not – and; to help them reach their goals by being the best versions of themselves now.


Comical Medic builds a fulfilled and joyful community by providing comical and useful articles that inspire people to do what they love and value the most in life.

Goals for Comical Medic
  1. to be a recognized Filipino minimalist blog that helps people in living more productive;
  2. to be the #1 site people get back to for life advice, laughter, and personal development;
  3. and to be funny, at least.

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Hope you have a wonderful day! ⛅