When To Stop Playing Safe


In these times, you might be wondering how you’d step out of your comfort palace and stop playing it safe.

Our comfort zone is what we believe we need because it is where we feel relaxed, at peace, and free.

There are no problems inside the comfort zone. You can stay there and have fun with what you have grown up with.

The only problem in staying inside the comfort zone is that you do not allow yourself to grow.

You believe that it is the only place you need because it brings love, comfort, and satisfaction.

Ask yourself about what matters most.

When I got to college, I thought I already know what I’m doing. I repeatedly told myself that I should do whatever I want as long as I do a good job in the university.

I was passing some tests, spending time with my friends, and sleeping comfortably at night. And the cycle goes on the next day.

After leaving college for another degree, I believed I can do better so I tried pushing myself more.

Until I forgot who I really am. I was focusing too much on the goal and not much of the journey.

The lesson here is to know your intentions in life. Clarify your values and see if you are living up to the identity you want.

What matters most in your life? Think hard, be true to your answers, and ask if that is what you ultimately need.

Tell me, what is it that you truly desire?

Yes, it’s from the Netflix series Lucifer. He’s the devil who asks this tricky question to people he finds sketchy.

Most people answer their deepest and darkest desires yet some of the answers seems a bit simple or tangible.

Have you asked yourself that question?

At the end of your life, what do you want to leave your friends or family with? What value do you want to give to people?

Notice I did not ask about what you want to accomplish in life. But what value can you give to the people you care about while you are still alive.

I’ll leave my answer here: I want to endlessly give love to people, help them find Jesus in their lives, and constantly grow by doing what I love and staying healthy.

A BURNING DESIRE TO BE AND TO DO is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition.

– Napoleon Hill

Your fear is your greatest weakness.

The only thing that anchors us to do what we want is fear. Fear loves us dearly and it doesn’t want us to leave it/him/her.

So it pulls us inside our comfort zone and would not allow us to live our best potential. Of all the toxic relationships, you must let go of this one first.

If you decide to let go of fear, not a thing or person would successfully stop you from doing what you want.

You will realize that you have nothing to lose because there is always Someone Up there who guides and loves you.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9 ESV

When to stop playing it safe?

There is no absolute answer to that question. But if you are tired of playing safe and haven’t really experienced being free from your comfort zone, now is the best time.

This is the sign you have been waiting for.

You do not need any more motivation to do what is going to be best for you. Cliché as it is, you’ve got to learn how to live by stepping out that zone.

You can be the best version of yourself now. Not someday. Or when you only feel like it.

Life is shorter than you think.

Step out, spread goodness, and live an awesome life.

Before you go, I want to tell you one important thing:

It is okay to feel what you are feeling about yourself now. Feel those emotions then imagine trying to place all of it on your hands. Include the negative self-talks and faithlessness.

Now, crush it to pieces until you only see ashes of it flying around like in Endgame. Embrace and welcome self-affirmations, faith, and reconstruction.

Believe you can be the best version of yourself because you eventually will. God loves you and so do I!


  • A friend inspired me to write this and thank God I did because I’ve been a sloth the past week. This is me pulling myself out of my comfort zone and trying to get my life together again.
  • A hat tip to Boiling Waters PH for inspiring me to get a life first before getting a love life.

Romans 8:28 ESV
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

How do you want to spend the rest of your life without playing safe?

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6 Replies to “When To Stop Playing Safe”

    1. Hi, thank you so much for this! I really feel honored 🥺 Praying that you’re doing well in this season. ❤️

      1. You’re welcome! You deserve it 💕 I hope you’re doing well too. 🥰

  1. Indeed! I always tell myself that if God wants me to grow, He’ll make me uncomfortable. And it makes me at ease knowing that there are millions of us struggling with moving out of the comfort zone. But it’s now or never talaga, so might as well just be brave and conquer life. 😊

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