Why You Still Have Excuses


But you would finally live a little, finally laugh a little

Just let me give you the freedom to dream

And it’ll wake you up and cure your aching

Take your walls and start ’em breaking

Does it sound familiar?

It might, for some who have seen The Greatest Showman! Oh, did you love the movie?

Glad I asked because I DID! But who cares, right?

This is not going to be about why The Greatest Showman is the greatest show ever…
though maybe it is..

First let’s talk about the song, The Other Side, that P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and Phillip (Zac Efron) had sung at the bar. It was when P.T. was persuading Phillip to get out of the comfortable life and join his show business! At first, Phillip didn’t want to be “one of the clowns,” and the new talk of the town.

Although P.T. resolved that issue by letting Phillip realize how he’ll finally be happy doing what he wants.

It resembles how we talk out from the opportunities in life, doesn’t it? How we know we want to do something but still have the best excuses to tell to ourselves.

We think we’re just fine with the comfort that life has been giving us that’s why we won’t make any other efforts to become better — or even be the best versions of ourselves.

Because we’re just busy.

Honestly, I loved the song and ever since I’ve played it last week, it has been that one song that’s on repeat. It lets you be reminded that one shouldn’t be stuck “in the zone” of your comfort. Because no one must be left in that zone while growing, right?

People must stop on giving excuses and just admit that we don’t want to do it because we have other real priorities, or we don’t want to go to that convention because it will not benefit us that much, or maybe we simply don’t want to change.

We always say that we don’t have time to do things. We’re too busy. We care too much about other things that don’t really add value to our lives. We believe that this is who we are and we can’t help it, ever.

Well, I’ll be the one to tell you that you, my friend, are capable. Like what I’ve been always preaching — you just have to believe. Carol Dweck calls that a “growth mindset.” Dweck writes that changing our beliefs can have a powerful impact. It is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives.

This is also where habit formation has an essential role in shaping who we want to become and in realizing the things that we’re capable of doing. As James Clear said:

“Becoming the best version of yourself requires you to continuously edit your beliefs, and to upgrade and expand your identity.”

Clear writes that the most effective way to change your habits is to focus not on what you want to achieve, but on who you wish to become.

Now that’s a deal that seems worth taking
But I guess I’ll leave that up to you

What I did last week [life update]

  • 1 Week Challenge: Don’t open Facebook messenger. But it didn’t last for a day, okay? I planned to share what I could accomplish without opening the app but I guess I’ll have to try again this week until it becomes a success…
  • Created a collaborative playlist for my besties: I told them to add songs that touched their hearts every week. At first, I just planned on asking them every week but I decided to let it be easier for all of us. Last Friday, I added The Other Side, of course!
  • Downloaded a tool for tracking my habits and it instantly became my favorite habit tracker! It’s been 4 days since I did all of the habits I wanted to do everyday (for the rest of my life). Unfortunately, there isn’t any IOS version of it but here’s a good list for loop habit tracker alternatives.


Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

— Henry Ford

If you wait until you feel like doing something, you will likely never accomplish it.

John C Maxwell

Question for you:

What is it that hinders you from becoming the best version of yourself?

Thank you for reading. I hope that you have a blessed and productive week ahead!

Best prayers,


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