With This New Normal


The pandemic has been a terrifying crisis to everyone and nobody really expected it to be this bad. After almost two months of complete lockdown, majority of us seemed to become a newborn.

Newborn as in a crying infant coming out of the bloody womb. Although can it also mean having been born again into this new normal?

My normal was waking up groggily as I snooze my alarm for the 12th time already. Hurry to bath, arrange my bag, and run to school late for 10 mins. Again. This day will continue as I scroll through social media apps. Go home and eat dinner. Scroll some more Facebook posts and “study” for 30 mins.

Social getaways, business meetings, ride to work, school, church, home, friend’s house, restaurants, parks, or tourist spots. These were the norms three months ago.

Now it’s just impossible to say that it will all go back to normal anytime soon. Though it’s not impossible to believe that it will eventually.

Two months of reflection for our n years of existence. Did you reflect well? Did you realize that you were living just fine as you still have enough food and shelter and clothing? I do pray that you did.

Some people may have it harder, some people may not. But we are facing this pandemic altogether. No one is left behind and thank God we are still alive. I send all my prayers to the families who fought and are still fighting with their family who has the disease.

I do not have any idea what the other people have been doing for the past months and I don’t have any idea what you’ve been up to but I hope that you’re living well.

Two months. This has been the longest time that I’ve spent being confined in my own home. With my family. With myself. With this new normal.

At first, I thought this will just be temporary. I’ll get back to school after a month, see my friends, and pass my exams for the last time this semester.

But then it continued for a week. And another. And another. Until we received a message from our institution:

Good pm everyone. We are still uncertain about our future, brace yourself for an online type of education. With this new normal, everyone should make sure he/she has good laptop and internet connection

Internet connection! That was the first thing I noticed. It was my only problem since it can be fixed but my family and I weren’t doing anything about it.

Then I noticed we are still uncertain… with this new normal. Again, I didn’t think it would go this far. I thought it would go back to normal when school starts on August. But I didn’t panic.

I did feel sad about the org I had wanted to lead with few other amazing students. I had so much plans.

Yet I’m okay. With the uncertainty. There are still a lot of things to discover, I thought. Too much time to be better.

I was excited. There are way more books to read!

We all heard of the famous saying “time is gold,” but we just ignored it and continued wasting a lot of it. Now, let this time be your own gold. Know that there are TONS of ways to be mindful of your time.

Remember we are not permanent. We may die sooner if not later. Spend the remaining of your days being happy, being and doing good, and being faithful.

Wake up early and wait for the sun to smile at you and say good morning to your neighbor. Tell your family you love them.

Enjoy on learning new skills. Read books, a lot. And take care of your spiritual health too.

Embrace time and don’t let it slip away from you.

This is the life we are living now. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow may or may not come. Enjoy today and reflect everyday.

This is what I’ve been doing even if I did despise mornings. I hated Mondays. Did you say Monday mornings? just let me die

I know you are feeling helpless with all the news, as there are no signs of an approved vaccine against it yet, and all the uncertainties life has been shooting us with.

But uncertainty is good. What’s even better is our courage to continue living now and not worry about tomorrow. With it we live our today to the fullest and never regretting if tomorrow never comes.

May God bless us all and may we continue to have faith in Him because we are the best human persons God had forgiven and is still forgiving. What now, you ask? I said – prayer is key. ☝🏽

Thanks for reading! Have the best day ahead!

Before leaving this page, can you answer this question?When was the last time you reflected or meditated?
Was it 3 hours ago? yesterday? last month? a year ago? can’t even remember?
Why not do it again? Now but with prayer.

Best prayers,


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  1. Laban lang doc and stay safe and healthy with your family! Same here, online class din.. struggle kasi napakahina ng internet sa amin! Pero sige lang, with God’s grace, we will surpass all these trials. 🤗💕

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