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3 YouTube Channels To Follow: Medicine Edition

Once I entered this path called medicine, I’ve been wanting to focus on how I will manage to study CHAPTERS from one subject in a short period of time. However, in medical school, you will have long exams after long exams in different subjects. I’m not exaggerating because that’s what happened in my first year until now that I’m in the second year (and probably more when I reach the third year). So you have to set your priorities and strictly follow your study schedules.

Comparing college coverage to med school coverage in one semester would be foolish of you. I’ve tried it, a lot of med students also confirmed it – one semester from a subject in college is only one meeting (~2 hrs) in medical school. Imagine studying a bulk of information in one seating and having to review that before your long exam after 2 weeks which composes of not just two but three or more chapters! 🙂

Med School Insiders

Luckily, I’ve found Med School Insiders on YouTube while I was “searching” for something to motivate me. The channel posts videos on how to overcome procrastination especially in medicine! How to study smart in medicine. Even what the pros and cons are of the many medical specialties. and some other NEW information about medicine. Basically, the owner of the channel shares his experience in med school up to his residency (Plastic Surgery) and also how to stay fit and healthy.

I got to learn how Anki works and it helped me in studying for my long exams! I think Anki would be of great help in any degree of learning in where you are right now. It’s for this study technique called “spaced repetition” and it would enhance your encoding capabilities if you use it well and religiously. Some of his vids have info that we wouldn’t learn in class! Like: how to study even if you don’t feel like it. And many more exciting stuff.

So if you want to watch something to get motivated on studying then I highly recommend you to subscribe to the channel. The vids are more or less than 10 mins. each so you wouldn’t be too guilty if you watch just one vid for now.

Ali Abdaal

Ali is one of my favorites of all the YouTube personalities. It’s fair to say that he’s my number one fave! He’s a doctor in Cambridge, UK. He posts videos and writes articles about medicine, tech, productivity, and entrepreneurship. Here is his site if you want to take a look of his tips and articles.

After watching some Anki tutorials, I get to click one of Ali’s Anki vids. I’ve acquired some techniques that he shared and after I watched his vid, I went to his channel and saw a whole lot of videos on how he studied effectively. He has been one of my inspirations in studying and frankly he’s one of the people I truly admire. Not just because he’s a successful doctor now but because he got to manage his studies well when he was still a medical student.

Recently, I’ve just learned that he started coding when he was 12 years old and got to work in different companies during his teenage years. He built an online company along with his friends about teaching UK students on Medical entrance exams. He continues his blog and his YT channel even if he already has a busy schedule. I follow him on goodreads and I get some ideas of books to read from him as well!

If you want to learn LOTS OF STUDY AND PRODUCTIVITY TIPS, subscribe to his channel and read his blog about studying and productivity. Ali might not be aware but he contributed a LOT to my life right now and I hope he inspires you too!

Aura Azarcon (DoktAura)

If you’re an aspiring doctor in the Philippines, I think you already know her. She’s the first Filipino YT channel whom I followed because she posts guidelines in pursuing medicine in the Philippines and interesting topics about studying and medicine in general! Med or not, she posts great tips in studying and keeps you motivated in learning too.

I’ve followed her during my last years in college (if I can still remember) and I was enlightened in pursuing this path. She gives knowledge on how long will med school take until you get to do what you want as a doctor. She vlogs about how she studies.

She shares tips and advice about studying and life as well. You get to view some of her life moments and she also interviews her colleagues that are now doctors like her. There are many guests in her channel and you get to learn their experiences since she asks the right questions that are informative so you could also take note of the lessons in every video interviews!

She’s now taking USMLE to be a practicing doctor in the US. I respectfully admire her because she stays humble and you can really see her passion in helping others. DoktAura will always be that doctor who inspires not just some but lots of Filipino aspiring doctors to be great doctors someday.


  • By subscribing to Med School Insiders, it will help you get motivated in studying and it can give you evidence-based tips in studying smart and staying healthy.
  • Ali Abdaal can give you lots of knowledge about medicine, productivity, tech, and entrepreneurship through his channel and official site.
  • Aura Azarcon will dig deep into your passion in medicine and can guide you unto becoming a doctor in the Philippines through her videos.

That’s it for my fave YT channels who inspire me on my MD journey. Thank you for reading! and if you know some great channels to follow, I’d be grateful to check them out. ♡


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